LPS helps water power projects get built with the right technology and equipment to lower the cost, time, and risk of development.

Site Upgrades

LPS turbines and modular componentry can be easily added to existing plants. Our equipment can improve efficiency, lessen environmental impacts, and simplify regulatory compliance.

Non-powered Dams

There are nearly 80,000 dams in the US that could generate power but currently do not. These sites could generate 12 GW of clean, reliable power. LPS modular systems can be added to the site quickly and at low cost to develop these projects.

Head Based Hydro

We design, manufacture, and sell prefabricated, modular equipment, including turbines, civil works componentry, and controls packages, for small hydropower plants from 250kW to 10MW in capacity.

Current Energy Conversion

XCT-Kinetic(TM), LPS’s first tidal and river current power system, is a flexibly deployed solution aimed at harvesting energy efficiently from common moderate-velocity sites.