K-IOT™ Plant Management Software

In small hydropower, every drop and decision counts. The LPS k-IOT ("Coyote") sytems gives operators insight to maximize operational performance.


k-IOT gives operators the data they need

LPS’s proprietary k-IOT (pronounced “Coyote”) remote hydro plant management system is a secure dashboard that integrates data feeds on water availability, weather, operating performance, and the latest spot energy prices. This helps operators decide how to make the most of every drop of water. The system is fully compliant with U.S. Department of Homeland Security regulations.

Technical Features

System performance and health monitoring
The system performance and health monitoring controls allow operation of temperature, vibration, and other key parameters to ensure consistent and sound operation.

Remote access and monitoring
The k-IOT system provides secure and reliable remote access to your hydropower plant with easy to monitor user interface and a data security structure compliant with USACE and DHS guidelines.

Diverse data collection
The program uses a cloud-based architecture and data management protocol to gather relevant technical data from various data sources including hydrological, weather and forward looking market price data.

Artificial intelligence to improve decisions
The k-IOT program uses artificial intelligence to evaluate a series of design scenarios to help inform the best operating regime at the plant.



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