LPS is deploying its proprietary hydropower, tidal, and wave energy technologies in several projects it is overseeing across the USA.

Walker Mill Dam, Schuyler VA

750kW power-up of non-powered-dam.  LPS is installing 2x375kW Reakt turbines, a control suite, and a modular intake system.


Little River Hydro, Troy NC

250kW site upgrade: project involves providing and installing one Reakt-32 turbine system to (i) upgrade the site from 450kW to 700kW in capacity, and (ii) improve plant capacity factor from 35% to 55%.


McCoy Mill Hydro, Franklin WV

McCoy Mill is a greenfield microhydro project, with a capacity of 40kW.  It is a behind-the-meter installation supplying renewable energy to nearby Future Generations University. Turbomachinery will consist of a single LPS Reakt-18 unit.


Mill Pond Hydro, Leeds NY

500 kW run-of-river site upgrade.  The project entails removal of an old nonfunctional Francis turbine and installing one LPS Reakt-40 turbine, as well as performing numerous site upgrades.  The new unit and controls system will allow the plant to operate much more efficiently at partial flows, simultaneously maximizing revenue and simplifying the owner’s relicensing process.

Falling Springs Hydro, Hot Springs VA

Alleghany County VA: the project entails bringing an old decommissioned hydropower station back online with a LPS’s fish-friendly modular intake and a 500kW LPS TorrStrøm impulse turbine and controls system. The new equipment will simplify operation while allowing compliance with the stringent environmental requirements in effect at one of the best-preserved areas of natural beauty in the eastern USA.

Municipal wastewater plant: Carbondale CO

We are providing and installing one 50 kW LPS TorrStrom impulse turbine to power the municipal water-treatment plant in Carbondale, CO.

Burt Dam, Olcott NY

An LPS modular intake structure and upgraded control system will return a 600kW small hydropower plant to service.

Kootznahoo Inlet Tidal Energy Project, Angoon AK

LPS will install its in-current hydrokinetic equipment in an energetic tidal strait in SE Alaska, to power up an islanded Native American community currently powered by costly diesel fuel.  Testing is being carried out under a current ARPA-e award.

PacWave South: Newport OR

LPS will deploy its NeuralWEC(TM) AI-enhanced wave energy conversion system at PacWave South, seven miles off the coast of Newport OR in 70 meters of water.

Flannagan Hydro, Haysi VA

1.4MW powering-up of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-owned non-powered dam. Turbomachinery package consists of four 350kW LPS TorrStrøm impulse turbine and associated controls package.

Ward Hydro, Salt Lake City UT

We are providing and installing one 35 kW LPS FlexStream crossflow turbine for a microhydro project near Salt Lake City.

Columbia Mills Hydroelectric Project ("Moomaws"), Buena Vista VA

Installation of LPS k-IOT (“Coyote”) plant supervisory control system

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