About Littoral Power Systems

LPS addresses the problems of cost, environmental impact, and regulatory complexity in hydropower and ocean energy. We develop, manufacture and install products that reduce the time, cost and risk of getting projects built.

Mission Statement

We undertake to use smarts and an abundance of common sense to develop clean energy reliably and sustainably, and leave economic prosperity and well-being in our wake. We commit to understand, respect and protect local culture, heritage and values, particularly in working with remote communities. We aim to fundamentally change perceptions about water power by providing solutions that are sensitive in the extreme to the long term health of aquatic species and ecosystems.


A core principle of our business is Waterpower for Good. To us, this is the commitment that wherever we go, community, environment, and stakeholders are bettered. As an emergent renewable energy company increasingly on the path to making a name for ourselves, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to provide leadership — both in thought and action — in this area.  The work required of us is complex and intolerant of technical risk. Although we are a very small team, we are mindful that our actions impact multiple constituencies, often in a profound way.

David Duquette


Kathie Leighton

Vice President

C. Eben Franks


Ravi Challa, PH.D.

Senior Scientist

Sylas Horowitz

Mechanical Engineer

Henry Schuler

Project Engineer

Lisa Amaral

Office Manager

Tom Ravens, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist

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